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inITso Portal Sites:

The US Embassy asked us to move their intranet to a Sharepoint environment

Later on we created MyAmerica for the US Embassy, a Portal with a lot of video

We also worked on USEU and US-Embassy websites

a Pharma-company asked us to publish SAP-documentation on their intranet

After that, we re-wrote their website

All notary websites in Belgium are using our systems, +100 websites

inITso Multilanguage Sites:

We can install our own CMS in order to handle your translations

We're able to provide sworn translations

We have a sworn translator-interpreter in our team

We offer Copywriting

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  • Multilang-references
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Services done by inITso:

CSS, Javascript and HTML, Python, PHP and .net code


Hosting and domainname registration.

The Memobead Logo was designed by our designers

Funfact: We are proud of all our customers, but some people are really Brilliant!
A (regular) diamond is a brilliant-stone that is cut with 51 facets,
Rams Jewellery is able to cut brilliants with 145 facets, they call it,
'The Splendor of Flanders'!
The office that inITso uses is in the same building and every year the great Tomorrowland festival takes place, almost in our backyard, literally only a couple meters further.
.. Brilliant things on one site ..